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Alfa Wassermann Separation Technologies (AWST), a division of Alfa Wassermann Inc., is the leader in ultracentrifugation solutions for process development and industrial scale manufacturing, employing 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and service of continuous flow Ultracentrifuges.

The bioprocess industry has relied on AWST’s experience in manufacturing continuous flow Ultracentrifuges to efficiently and reliably separate viruses, virus like particles and viral vectors for the development and manufacture of vaccines and other bio-products.

Alfa Wasserman company profile

The new AFH Automated Fluid Handling System is a fully automated, customizable fluid handling system in a self-contained, mobile work station that supports fluid filling and fractionation.

The AW Promatix 1000™ bio-separation system is designed to be used to develop protocols for the separation, fractionation and concentration of viral vectors, virus-like particles, viruses, viral and bacterial vaccines, macromolecules and cellular organelles.

The PKII Ultracentrifuge system is sized for scale up process development and pilot scale production, being suitable for use in cGMP manufacturing.

The KII Ultracentrifuge system is designed for industrial scale production and is fully validated to meet cGMP requirements.

A range of rotors allow batch and continuous flow operations up to two hundred liter process volume per day. A range of scalable rotors allows a protocol developed using the Promatix 1000™ Ultracentrifuge to be scaled-up to the KII Ultracentrifuge while retaining similar recovery and critical process parameters.