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Promatix 1000Promatix 1000™ /  Research & Development

The AW Promatix 1000™ can be leased for a period of between 3 and 6 months. The rental agreement includes, installation and test, training, assistance with methodology / protocol development, consumables supply and service support.

PKII UltracentrifugePKII Ultracentrifuge /  Pilot Plant Scale Up

The Pilot PKII retains all the cGMP features of the KII Ultracentrifuge and features scale rotor design to allow process development studies and production scale using one rotor system. This technology platform enables efficient scale-up and is unique to the Alfa Wassermann Ultracentrifuges.

KII /  cGMP Vaccine ManufactureKII /  cGMP Vaccine Manufacture

cGMP manufacture of viral vaccines, VLPs and subcellular components using continuous flow ultracentrifugation is possible using the KII system.  The KII core technology uses industrial design to meet the needs of manufacturing for robustness, cleaning, data security and serviceability.

The KII Ultracentrifuge has been used in global vaccine manufacture for 40 years and has been continuously supported by the Separation Technologies Group of Alfa Wassermann to ensure reliability and minimize downtime making the ultracentrifuge a very cost effective option for vaccine manufacture.