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The world leader in vaccine purification, now offers a fully automated, customizable fluid handling system in a self-contained, mobile work station that supports fluid filling and fractionation.

Automated Fluid Handling System

System design includes pinch valves for routing of fluid; pumps for flow and direction; flow, pressure and temperature transducers for process monitoring; and an in-line refractometer for fluid fractionation and monitoring.

Alfa AFH software comes with standard fluid handling protocols. Custom protocols that include sanitation, rinsing, filling, fractionation and other methods can be programed on site by the user. The system integrates with your network to utilize upstream/downstream inputs and outputs via OPC.

Features Benefits
Standard and customizable processes
  • Model existing SOP’s
  • Repeatable sequences without variation can result more consistent batches
  • Simplifies operator training
  • Reduced procedural errors that can result in rejected batches
Domain authentication of system operators
  • Eliminate the need for special operator databases and database maintenance by integrating with existing facility security policies
SQL Server database stores all methods, batch data and audit logs
  • All information is stored locally in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant database
  • Access to all data is provided to the facility system administrator
Storage and real time monitoring of critical parameters: pressure, flowrate, temperature, weight, Brix value and density
  • Warns operator of out of limit conditions potentially saving costly batch loss
  • Stored databases for easy access to previous batch parameters
Integrated OPC Server
  • Network integration allows the AFH fluid handling system to react to and respond to other facility equipment
  • Batch records integrated with facility data history
IP65 Enclosures, non-contact pump, flow and temperatures transducers, disposable pressure transducers
  • System can be cleaned without special preparation
  • Removable stainless steel flow cell allows for easy cleaning of the prism and fluid path
  • Specific customer instrumentation can be integrated into the fluid handling system


Automate, standardize and regulate your fluid handling process.

Talk to your Alfa Wassermann representative for further information.


Fully automated filling and fractionation of
ultracentrifuge density gradient process
Standard and customized parameters programmable by
the operator to adapt to a range of process steps
Real time and stored reporting of critical process
Compact, mobile, self-contained with reservoir and
process bag storage shelf