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The Choice For Industrial Scale Production

Alfa Wassermann's over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supporting continuous flow Ultracentrifuges in the vaccine manufacturing industry culminates in the KII Ultracentrifuge. The KII’s control system has all the features expected from modern bioprocess equipment. The large rotor volumes allow for high process volumes for manufacturing vaccines and other bio-products.

Highly regarded for its versatility, reliability and ease of operation, the KII is considered the benchmark for quality in the large scale commercial preparation and production of viruses for vaccine and immunotherapy products.

KII Ultracentrifuge

The high speeds and capacity of the KII together with its separating efficiency, reliability and ease of operation has made this instrument the accepted device among major pharmaceutical companies for production of purified vaccines.  The high resolution obtained with the KII and PKII is now producing vaccine 10 times purer than was previously possible.

Throughput: 60  l/h
Rotor capacity: up to 8 liters
Speed: 40 500 rpm
Centrifugal force: 121 200 xg
Rotor temperature monitoring
Automatic and Manual Control

The KII features:

  • Up to 8.0 L rotor capacity and 200 L process volume
  • Unattended operation
  • Batch, Alarm and Event logs
  • User password access for operations with an auto logout facility
  • BL2+ environment compatible
  • Closed loop seal cooling contains any aerosols generated
  • Clean room class C/D compatible
  • Complete validation support
  • Conformity to: CE, 21CFR Part 11, GAMP

 The benefits of continuous flow ultracentrifugation are:

  • No buffer exchange diafiltration needed
  • No pre-concentration of harvest material required
  • Pre-clarification option with the K6 rotor
  • Single step concentration and purification
  • Retains the infectivity of viruses in the low shear gradient environment
  • Greater than 80% product yields

The KII Ultracentrifuge has a range of rotor assemblies to choose from to suit vaccine and viral vector purification and manufacturing.


Air Drive, Electrical Drive technology

Drive technologies are available as electric motor or air drive.  The air drive developed in the 1960s and used commercially since 1967 provides a truly proportional control of speed and acceleration for reliability and long life operation.

The ‘e-drive’ combines the industry standard ultracentrifugation technology of the Alfa Wassermann KII with the up to date electric drive technology, to create an Ultracentrifuge which is reliable, compact and low cost to run for Bio-pharmaceutical R&D and for cGMP manufacturing.