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The AW Promatix 1000™ is the first fully automated laboratory Ultracentrifuge capable of continuous flow operations. The Ultracentrifuge is fully programmable to run user defined applications and is fully automated for gradient and product loading, continuous flow or batch separation and fraction collection and cleaning.  The system provides operators with easy to read continuous displays of operational step, critical run data and subsystem status.

Promatix 1000

Efficiently capture AAV vectors of any serotype

The AWST scalable cores which are available with the Promatix 1000™ enable researchers to translate a lab scale traditional batch-type small scale processes using swing out and angle rotors to a continuous flow method while still only requiring research scale process volumes. This then allows a future scalable processing to a full manufacturing scale with no revalidation necessary. In this way neither yield nor purity is compromised making the AW Promatix 1000™ a viable downstream alternative to chromatography and filtration methods.

The AW Promatix 1000™ can be used by contract manufacturers, universities or government laboratories for development of new applications such as water pollution studies (separation and characterization of pollutants, cancer research (viral vector isolation) and serum and blood fraction research and production.

Efficiently capture AAV vectors of any serotype.