Technical | Rotor Selection Guide

For each Ultracentrifuge type there is a range of interchangeable cores available that fit the supplied rotor assembly, to allow the user to create different separation capabilities within one Ultracentrifuge system.  Part of the range of cores is a volume series of linear scalable cores.

Each Ultracentrifuge is supplied with a rotor assembly which can be used at speeds up to 40 500 rpm.  The rotor cores are interchangeable to create different separation capabilities within one Ultracentrifuge system.  KII rotor volumes range up to 8 liters and PKII rotor volumes to 4 liters.

Technical rotor selection guide

The KII, PKII and Promatix 1000™ Ultracentrifuges are used to perform separations and purifications on a continuous or batch basis – with or without density gradients – with a range of techniques, including:

  • Density gradient ultracentrifugation
  • Rate zonal separation
  • Isopycnic banding
  • Pelleting
  • Clarification

Linear Scale Rotor Cores

The scalable Ultracentrifuge rotors from Alfa Wassermann are unique among Ultracentrifuges.  They are designed with scalable applications in mind to allow the user to generate the same separation profile at different process volumes while using one Ultracentrifuge.  This patented linear scale core technology  enables a direct scale of separation between the research scale Promatix 1000™ to the PKII and to the KII manufacturing scale Ultracentrifuge.

Once a series of separation parameters (such as volume, path length, centrifugal force and run time) have been proven to work the process can be fully scaled up or down.  There is no need for further alterations or extensive testing, and re-validation is eliminated.  A 14 fold scale down is achievable through this cost effective and labor saving approach.