For all installations, each customer's requirements are accessed and a training course is developed to meet specific customer needs. Refresher training is available and is configured to the specific user requirements.

All service personnel are AWST employees and experts in the use of our products ensuring minimal downtime and expert solutions for your needs. Site inspection and a detailed timeline of activities asssociated with installation ensure a successful experience and rapid operational capability.

Training includes:
Systems operations
System maintenance
Rotor handling

As part of the advanced user training application development and process support is available. Alfa Wassermann is dedicated to ensuring that all new users are fully capable of operating the Ultracentrifuge safely and effectively. Advanced training offers:

. Definition of process parameter
. Generation of Standard Operating Procedures
. Density gradient formation, loading and analysis methods.

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Our Mission

To be the supplier whose singular purpose is the support of bioprocess and pharmaceutical industries by providing expertise in continuous flow UCF separation applications and now fluid handling solutions.

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