KII Ultracentrifuge


Manufacturing Scale Ultracentrifuge

The KII system is designed to expertly perform in FDA approved processes for the manufacture of viral vaccines, particulate proteins, gene therapies and nanostructures.

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The KII Ultracentrifuge is the global standard for vaccine manufacturing. This unit is selected more than any other manufacturer's system because of its reliability, funtionality and cost effective operation.

Alfa Wassermann’s extensive experience in the design, manufacture, service and support of continuous fl ow ultracentrifuges in the vaccine manufacturing industry is demonstrated in the KII ultracentrifuge. The KII’s control system has all the features expected from modern bioprocess equipment. The large rotor volumes yield high process volumes when manufacturing vaccines and other bio-products.

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KII Manufacturing Scale Ultracentrifuge

Highly regarded for its versatility, reliability and ease of operation, the KII is the benchmark for quality in the large scale commercial preparation and production of bioprocess materials.

Density gradient ultracentrifugation allows concentration and purification in a single step which reduces process time while increasing overall yield and production capacity. Our range of linear scalable rotor cores enables scale up and scale down of process parameters*. The simple fluid path design of KII ultracentrifuge rotors create a low shear environment for maximum viability of virus particles during downstream processing.
* Patent Pending

KII features include:
Up to 200 L production capacity per batch
Multiple rotor configurations in air turbine or electric motor drive
Throughput: up to 60 L/h
Rotor capacity: up to 8.4 L
Speed: 40,500 rpm
Centrifugal force: 121,000 xg

Air Drive, Electrical Drive technology

Drive technologies are available as electric motor or air drive. Air drive technology is the industry standard and provides a truly proportional control of speed and acceleration for reliability and long life operation.

The ‘e-drive’ combines the ultracentrifugation technology of the Alfa Wassermann KII with up to date electric drive technology, to create an Ultracentrifuge which is reliable, compact and low cost to run for Bio-pharmaceutical R&D and for cGMP manufacturing.

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Our Mission

To be the supplier whose singular purpose is the support of bioprocess and pharmaceutical industries by providing expertise in continuous flow UCF separation applications and now fluid handling solutions.

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