Pilot Scale cGMP-compliant PKII Ultracentrifuge


Pilot Scale Ultracentrifuge

The PKII Ultracentrifuge retains all the cGMP capabilities of the KII ultracentrifuge and features scalable rotor design for process development studies or production scale output with one rotor system.

Promatix 1000

This technology platform is designed for efficient, linear scaleup unique to AWST ultracentrifuges. In addition to widespread use for purification, the PKII can be used for large scale clarification applications. Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuges.

The PKII is manufactured to meet specific customer needs from pilot to small scale production. With a range of linear scale cores, the rotor capacity can be adjusted from 400 mL to 1,600 mL while retaining the same separation parameters as the KII and Promatix 1000 ultracentrifuges.

Up to 100 L production capacity per batch
Multiple rotor configurations in air turbine or electric motor drive
Throughput: up to 60 L/h
Rotor capacity: up to 4 L
Speed: 40,500 rpm
Centrifugal force: 121,000 xg
PKII Ultracentrifuge
PKII Ultracentrifuge
PKII Ultracentrifuge

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