Efficiently capture AAV vectors of any serotype

Alfa Wassermann’s continuous flow ultracentrifuge efficiently captures AAV vectors of any serotype.

Significantly improved recovery level – up to 50%
Achieves expanded yields with continuous flow loading.
Dramatically reduce turn around times over conventional column purification.
Promatix 1000

Successful Adeno associated virus (AAV) vector purification has been achieved in large quantities using the Alfa Wassermann AW Promatix 1000™ continuous flow ultracentrifuge*.

Sf9 cells were cultured, expanded and then infected for viral vector production using recombinant baculoviruses. Cell pellets were subject to lysis, DNA digestion then clarification by low speed centrifugation in preparation for loading to the continuous flow ultracentrifuge.

The continuous flow ultracentrifuge used a 120ml rotor containing an Iodixanol density gradient, through which the clarified lysate flows while the ultracentrifuge rotor is spinning at 35,000 rpm, 100,000 xg.

During the product loading phase simultaneously waste material will flow out of the rotor and the viral vector will be captured in the gradient and be concentrated. During the run time the vector reaches its iso-dense layer and is concentrated.

At the end of the run the AAV is harvested with a 50% yield and found to be essentially pure using one-step purification.

* Patents pending

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Automated Fluid Handling System

The new AFH Automated Fluid Handling System is a fully automated, customizable fluid handling system in a self-contained, mobile work station that supports fluid filling and fractionation.

AW Promatix 1000™

Research and Development with Linear Scalability

The AW Promatix 1000™ bio-separation, cGLP designed to be used to develop protocols for the separation, fractionation and concentration of viral vectors, virus-like particles, viruses, viral and bacterial vaccines, macromolecules and cellular organelles.


Pilot Scale Ultracentrifuge

The PKII Ultracentrifuge system is sized for scale up process development and pilot scale production, being suitable for use in cGMP manufacturing.


Manufacturing Scale Ultracentrifuge

The KII Ultracentrifuge system is designed for industrial scale production.

Outstanding technical documentation is provided for the user to fully validate and meet cGMP requirements.


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To be the supplier whose singular purpose is the support of bioprocess and pharmaceutical industries by providing expertise in continuous flow UCF separation applications and now fluid handling solutions.

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